Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This blog will be closed till spring. Thank you.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

a few more tips

People always ask me, well, some people ask me, and really only a few, but what the heck, it sounds better is i say "people always ask me..." doesn't it?

They say to me, "I don't have a green thumb, but I want a veggie garden, what do you suggest I grow that's easy."

This is an easy one.

The easiest things to grow is tomatoes,peppers, onions, zucchini squash, beets, and rutabaga.

But be careful, living in New England, the weather is a big part of weather if our garden will succeed.

I always forgot this part when the warm weather comes. I cant wait till I get my hands in that soil with the munchkins.

As New Engenders know, the weather is fickle. It could be 90 degrees one day, then
the next day we are wearing turtle necks.

Basically, if you get frost, it could wipe out your whole garden. So Plant by the date the last frost is expected instead of when the warm weather comes. Trust me on this one, as I have learned this lesson first hand.

The other thing that is a sure sign if your garden isn't going to work, is, uh, how can I say this without insulting people...OK, kids. That's right, those little munchkins you let out to play. They cant help themselves to play in the dirt or even pick those green tomatoes for you because for some reason they are under the assumption you forgot and was doing you a favor. The thought that they are suppose to be red, doesnt really cross their minds. (again, first hand experience with that one)

Plus, ever have a bouquet of yellow flowers from your munchkin and wonder where they got them from? well, if I were you, I'd check the veggie garden. Sometimes those yellow flowers are just right for picking and they look great in a vase. but the down side is you wont be getting any veggies this year.

Let's not forgot about the rabbits, deers, and all those wonderful critters that just love a good picnic now and then,a who can blame them? Though as much as you chase them away, they do have an issue with long term memory. Or, they just don't care, they love a nice picnic just like you.

One of the best ways to keep those critters out is to use a wire mesh and surround your garden. (pending on size of course) This will discourage most critters and some munchkins out of the garden. Oh, how could I forget your neighbors, who feel that your growing vegges for the whole neighborhood and feel they can just help themselves. What's odd is they think that harvesting them when the sun goes down is the best time to do that, but that's a whole other story. These mesh fences will keep the critters out and hopefully people will get the message that they are not welcome to help themselves.

What we did, because I am not a fan of a fence around my garden (but I might have to pending on the critters) is a raised bed. I used those landscaping timbers and raised them up and put top soil in it. It has kept the critters out, but not so much the munchkins.

ok, the raised bed is not so much for the critters, it was for my acking back, truth be told, its much easier to be one with the earth, when the earth is a little higher.

SO there you go folks, a few tips for you gardeners. Hope you could use it.


Friday, June 19, 2009

stop and smell the roses

This blog is like watching grass grow. I guess there really is just so much you can say about a garden.

We have had so much rain lately, that we are not sure if our tomatoes will make it. even in the topsey turvy, the tomatoes are coming through but the plant as a whole is looking pretty bad.

So to make it a little more interesting, I though I'd post some pics of my everyday travels.

I am big on 'stop and smell the roses' and really try to live my life like that. this world we live in goes so fast and I am constantly telling myself to slow down.

So, with that said, there are sites that I see on a daily basis that I pass everyday, weather it be going to work, going to the movies, going to home depot, etc.

though you pass these views everyday, did you ever really slow down and stop and look how beautiful your daily travel is. It could be someones garden, it could be an old oak tree. Maybe it's a deer in the field, or how the clouds look on a specific day, it could even be in bumper bumper traffic on the highway and you open the window and just look at the highway, something you normally don't see because you drive on it so fast. something about really looking at the road sometimes seems surreal. (kinda weird, I know)

I'm a very visual person, can you tell...

anyway, I kinda want to start posting pictures that i see almost daily on my travels. To just leave for work a few minutes earlier to stop and take a quick pic, or maybe on the way to home depot, and say to the munchkins, "hey, look at that, lets take a picture" so they start to appreciate the beauty thats surronds us.

anyway, Lets all stop and smell the roses.

this was on my way home from work.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parsley and more Parsley

Look at this parsley. It really is doing great. I wish I can say that for the rest of herbs. Last year it was the parsley that was doing horrible.

This years garden I think we jumped the gun. We had this heat wave and it felt like summer, which to the munchkins meant, 'garden time'. Especially little munchkin who loves this stuff. But then we got the cold front with some frost. Since then, nothing has really been growing the way it use to grow.

Plus, lets not even talk about the amount of rain this year. I think our poor veggies are just getting too much water. Unlike last year, where I was lucky enough to remember to water the poor things.

but hey, look at the parsley. Now what to do with parsley is a whole other topic.

Monday, June 15, 2009


It looks like the peppers are starting to come up. We love our peppers...lol

Monday, May 25, 2009

tweet tweet

I love watching the birds by the window. the squirrels usually eat most of the seeds, but there fun to watch sometimes. So I decided to buy this other kind of seed. It was cheap, so what the heck.

Well, so far nothing, its been 4 days since I put the seeds the out. It usually takes 24 hours till they come.

Just when I was about to dump the cheap seeds......

A yellow finch appeared. They are so beautiful.


Monday, May 18, 2009