Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parsley and more Parsley

Look at this parsley. It really is doing great. I wish I can say that for the rest of herbs. Last year it was the parsley that was doing horrible.

This years garden I think we jumped the gun. We had this heat wave and it felt like summer, which to the munchkins meant, 'garden time'. Especially little munchkin who loves this stuff. But then we got the cold front with some frost. Since then, nothing has really been growing the way it use to grow.

Plus, lets not even talk about the amount of rain this year. I think our poor veggies are just getting too much water. Unlike last year, where I was lucky enough to remember to water the poor things.

but hey, look at the parsley. Now what to do with parsley is a whole other topic.

1 comment:

  1. Tabouleh! It's great served with Hummus and Pita Bread.


    I can't wait for my parsley to be ready for harvest. We love tabouleh and it's kind of hard to find at groceries out here in the burbs.