Friday, June 19, 2009

stop and smell the roses

This blog is like watching grass grow. I guess there really is just so much you can say about a garden.

We have had so much rain lately, that we are not sure if our tomatoes will make it. even in the topsey turvy, the tomatoes are coming through but the plant as a whole is looking pretty bad.

So to make it a little more interesting, I though I'd post some pics of my everyday travels.

I am big on 'stop and smell the roses' and really try to live my life like that. this world we live in goes so fast and I am constantly telling myself to slow down.

So, with that said, there are sites that I see on a daily basis that I pass everyday, weather it be going to work, going to the movies, going to home depot, etc.

though you pass these views everyday, did you ever really slow down and stop and look how beautiful your daily travel is. It could be someones garden, it could be an old oak tree. Maybe it's a deer in the field, or how the clouds look on a specific day, it could even be in bumper bumper traffic on the highway and you open the window and just look at the highway, something you normally don't see because you drive on it so fast. something about really looking at the road sometimes seems surreal. (kinda weird, I know)

I'm a very visual person, can you tell...

anyway, I kinda want to start posting pictures that i see almost daily on my travels. To just leave for work a few minutes earlier to stop and take a quick pic, or maybe on the way to home depot, and say to the munchkins, "hey, look at that, lets take a picture" so they start to appreciate the beauty thats surronds us.

anyway, Lets all stop and smell the roses.

this was on my way home from work.



  1. Great Picture. There are times I go to fast and don't pay attention. Then there are times where I don't have my camera. I love the times where I actually look and then just appreciate what I am seeing. You are right I think alot of us just go to fast and don't even notice the beauty around us.

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