Sunday, May 3, 2009

topsey turvy time

well, its topsey turvy time, which means we are trying to something new to grow our tomatoes. I saw this ad on TV last year and I just placed them in the shed.

when getting ready for this years garden, we went into the shed and saw the topsey turvy's. So I thought we would try it. Of course I planted my own tomatoes the old fashion way, so we will see what happens. Is it a gimmick? is it better then the old way?....we will have to see as I have them both going.

here are a couple of pics of munchkins garden. As i mentioned the lazy watering, you can see the black hose placed on top of the soil.


  1. Are those soaker hoses? I have some I bought several years ago and I'm hoping to make use of them this year.

    You'll have to let us know how the topsy turvy tomatoes turn out. We are doing our own home grown version of it with 5 gallon buckets. We're not yet ready to plant our San Marzano Tomatoes yet, they are only about 6 inches tall (grown from seeds). We will likely get our garden in a week or so after Mother's Day, depending on our goofy weather. Last year we had to wait until June 1st.

  2. I have a topsy turvy too! I did basically the same thing as you and I bought it and put it in a cabinet. I want to get it out and actually use it this year maybe. I would love some fresh tomatoes!

  3. Hi John, I'm very curious about this product. It sounds like a great space saver. I'm just not sure how it will be able to sustain the weight of the plant when it has fruit on it. I hope it will not break the plant and make tomato soup all over the ground. Please post more blogs as your plants grow. I hope you have a wonderful backyard harvest! Smiles Katherine

  4. katherine,

    I agree, little munchkin is going to make a stronger support for it. Its not strong enough as it is.

  5. I saw Hurley (the guy from Lost) on the Bonnie Hunt show and he said his Topsy Turvys just grew roots. He had six of them.

    Let us know how it works out.