Saturday, May 9, 2009

can it be?

So here a picture of our first tomato plant flowering. It just so happens its on the Topsy Turvy.

I realize that we have to move those plants to a more sturdier hanger, I have to get little munchkin to build something.

As you can see in the previos pictures, i have been using traditional tomato cages. But I ran out.

I decided to have two cucumber plants. Which I swore I would not do , due to they attack my whole garden.

So little munchkin 'had an idea', he decided since its a 'vine' that it will grow up. But before I can buy another cage, he went into the shed and took some old fencing and made this.

I actually like these cages better then the traditional ones. You can fold them up when your not using them. The only issue is that in a good wind storm, there gone, so we have to go buy some tent stakes to keep them down.

Here is another tip I have. To keep those cute bunnies and cute squirrels out of your garden. get yourself some marigolds. these little flowers have a smell that is not that pleasant to them and avoid entering your garden.


  1. Basil planted around Tomato plants wards off spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies. You will have better pollination results, as it attracts bees.

  2. We have to worry about deer so we have a 9 foot fence. Then we have to worry about the goats so the bottom three feet is covered with chicken wire. *sigh*

  3. I wish I knew that as I have basil planted in the but not around the tomato plants

  4. little munchkin was crafty w his homemade cage. :) can't wait to see all the fruits growing (yes, tomatoes and cucumbers are fruits for those out there who don't know-they're seed-bearing).

  5. looks like you got a good start, weather still crazy her:-)auntie e